Autumn is here…


The weather has finally turned. There’s something pretty magical about the change in seasons, isn’t there? All of a sudden you start noticing mother nature’s work. Whilst you’ve been going about your day she’s been busy transforming everywhere. The air is now fresh and crisp, laced with the smell of golden leaves and shiny conkers. Halloween is on the way and the pumpkins are waiting to be carved. Bonfire night holds plenty of excitment, like toffee apples, fireworks and sparklers. The scorching hot summer we’ve been lucky enough to have this year has been amazing, but the maxi dresses, sandles and sunglasses are now packed away, and I’m more than a little excited at the prospect of dressing for the colder weather. It’s time to get cosy!

I love my winter wardrobe. Big coats, oversized jumper dresses, soft wooly tights, snuggly boots, Pom Pom hats and chunky scarves. The colour palette associated with Autumn and Winter is my absolute favourite…Burnt burgundy, rich russet, juicy plum, deep green, golden brown…give me these shades over summer brights any day. Not only that, my love of  layering will actually be much appreciated this year now I have my mum tum!

I also like to go a bit heavier with my eye make up, too. It’s time to try something new and get a little more glammed up! A coppery or plum smokey eye looks beautiful. I’d love to try a mulberry shade with a hint of gold, too. Perhaps that’ll be a look for Christmas! Alternitavly, a gold haze across the eyelid with a slick of soft plum lipstick is another go to look of mine. I’ll do these looks for you over the next few weeks. Hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration to try something new too!

I’ve picked up a few new Christmas tree decorations already. This year the theme is rustic charm. Check out my next blog post for some of the items I found. Let me know what you love about this time of year…





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