Favourite Mummy Bloggers

I wanted to share some of my favourite Mummy bloggers with you. I’ve been following these ladies for quite some time now on their blogs and also on their YouTube channels. From pregnancy and motherhood to make up, beauty and fashion,  I love being able to share their journey through life. These ladies inspire me, make me smile and make me laugh. They’ve helped me through some really down days, and for that I say “thank you very much!” xoxoxo. To know I’m not the only one going through the not so nice bits of parenting (not sleeping, tantrums, fussy eaters…) and to also share the joys of it, too, is so wonderfully, amazingly, brilliant! It’s like having friends through the lens! These are the kind of girls you’d love to have as your sister or best friend. They are amazing mummies, their babies are so scrummy and gorgeous and I hope you check them out and enjoy them too. Have you got any favourite Mummy bloggers you’d like to share?

Mrs Meldrum (Rebecca Meldrum).         http://www.mrsmeldrum.com

I first discovered Rebecca when I was pregnant and SERIOUSLY freaking out about labour and giving birth. Oh my goodness, I remember some days I would get under the duvet and sob as I was so petrified and overwhelmed about the whole thing. The fear of the unknown is what it was and I was just so emotional. So I searched for labour videos on YouTube in the hope that it’d make me feel more positive and empowered. It didn’t. In fact, the videos that popped up made me feel worse (GRAPHIC CONTENT should’ve been the video title. I’m gritting my teeth now at the thought!) Until I found Mrs Meldrum. Thank goodness I clicked on her Positive Labour Tips video. I never looked back and felt quite relieved after watching it. I was still scared but this girl made me believe in myself more. And I’ve been a massive mega fan ever since. She has a huge heart and her outlook on life is really inspiring.

My Favourite Rebecca Quotes… On what a wife does better…“Packing the changing bag. I cannot begin to describe the state of the changing bag post husband packing without developing a stress rash.” On pregnancy leg cramp…“My hubby thinks he has it bad as I thrash around the bed clutching to the duvet & whacking him due to the sheer torture that is cramp! That’s a ride in the park compare to having a 6lb ish bony small person beating you from the inside, a pelvis that feels like it’s been shattered, skin that no longer fits around your once toned torso. A bladder that’s being squashed so much it can hold approximately two mouthfuls of liquid before it needs emptying, bowels that can’t decide if they want to work over time or give up completely, a brain that no longer functions like that of a sane person & don’t even get me started on the fanny daggers!!!!”

The Uphill (Ruth Crilly).         http://www.theuphill.com

Ruth Crilly…how you make me smile. I love this girl, she has a cracking sense of humour and her posts are very entertaining. I first found her on YouTube and follow her beauty blog A Model Recommeneds. She’s stunning and her beauty advice and tips are amazing. Then she had her first baby and I’ve followed her journey through pregnancy and motherhood ever since. She’s honest, down to earth and just a lovely person.

My Favourite Ruth Quotes – On the size of her baby bump…“Before anyone feels the need to mention it, yes I know I’m big for 20 weeks. I’ve been told by pretty much everyone that I’ve seen including friends, doctors… a midwife…a health visitor…the woman in Tescos.” On breastfeeding…“Things hit an all-time undignified low the other day when it became necessary, due to the huge engorgement of my right breast, to milk myself into a teacup. Closing the blinds in the lounge would probably have been prudent, but my nipple was literally shooting milk in four different directions, like a faulty shower head, and so there was no time for pleasantries”.

The Unmumsy Mum (Sarah Turner).         http://theunmumsymum.blogspot.co.uk

Her book “The Unmumsy Mum” is a must read and will make you laugh out loud. It will also allow you to heave a huge sigh of relief when you read her thoughts, feelings and experiences of being a parent. Brutally honest and wet your panties funny Sarah’s contribution to the world of motherhood is worth it’s weight in gold. I’ve gotten through the darkest of days by reading her blog and book. She’s lifted my spirits and made me realise I’m being far too hard on myself, to just go with the flow and enjoy the journey.

My Favourite Sarah Quotes – On Tantrums“If only you knew, as you twist your body into an impossible yoga pose, that I don’t get much enjoyment from our daily nappy wrestle either. It is not me versus you. It is the two of us versus the massive turd you have deposited, for the second time in half an hour. (The same goes for your hatred of wearing clothes and disgust at being forced into a sleeveless sleeping bag before bed – these are processes we follow to stop you from freezing.)” On Mum Rage…“‘Advice’ from strangers. Somebody you have never met offering their pearls of fucking wisdom. In a patronising tone. When no advice has been sought. I’ve witnessed SO many angry red-faced mums spitting responses to these unhelpful interventions. Yes, he is a bit old for a dummy. No, he doesn’t usually have two Mint Clubs as an emergency snack. But we’re doing just fine thanks”.

Dolly Bow Bow (Kate Murnane).          http://dollybowbow.blogspot.co.uk

This girl is so sweet, I love her. Kate’s labour video was also inspiring for me, and she made me laugh when she was relaying her birth story! She’s so funny. I love her passion for Primark (a girl after my own heart!) her honest posts and creative soul. Her online boutique is beautiful, so if you’re a bit of a magpie like me and love vintage inspired jewellery and accessories then you’re sure to love her range.

My Favourite Kate Quotes – On feeling a little low…“I feel like to blog and vlog to the best of your ability, you have to really love what you’re doing, so I decided there would be no better place to start getting things back on track than at the prettiest cake shop in Chelsea. This place is what the inside of my brain looks like when I’m happy!” On Tantrums… “In the mist of a meltdown because he wants the other half of the biscuit instead of the identical half you gave him, or because you’re not letting him throw himself off the dining room table, it’s easy to get down and dream of the day you have a slightly more rational little human to reason with, but I know all too well how fleeting these days are.”

Thank you again lovely ladies for being so freakin’ awesome. We would have one amazing tea party!

Much love,

Bex Xxx


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