Halloween and World Vision

I picked up my pumpkin the other day ready to carve for Halloween. I noticed a sticker on it when I got home, which said “World Vision…Carve a Heart in Your Pumpkin this Halloween.” I thought, what’s that all about? So I went onto the website World Vision and discovered the story behind it all…

“World Vision is the world’s largest international children’s charity, working to bring real hope to millions of children in the world’s hardest places. And we do it all as a sign of God’s unconditional love. Poverty, conflict and disaster leave millions of children living in fear. Fear of hunger and disease. Fear of violence, conflict and exploitation. Fear that robs them of a childhood. Our local staff work in thousands of communities across the world to free children from fear. They live and work alongside them, their families and communities to help change the world they live in for good. Our worldwide presence means we’re quick to respond to emergencies like conflict and natural disasters. We also use our influence and global reach to ensure that children are represented at every level of decision-making. We can do this because people like you are prepared to sponsor, donate, pray, campaign or simply share the stories of boys and girls who have been given hope for the future.” – World Vision

So I’m breaking tradition this year of carving the face of a ghoul and instead I’m carving a heart to support this amazing charity, as well as donating. Sharing their story and vision will hopefully make others aware of their work. To read more about World Vision and supporting the cause, click the link below…


Have a fabulous Halloween everyone! I must get the sweets in for those unexpected Trick or Treaters. We don’t usually get them round us but you never know! Have fun! Xxx


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