Little Hurdles…

LL is becoming even more independent and likes to assert herself! I think we are moving into a new phase of her development. It’s so lovely to see her change and grow. It also brings little hurdles to face and overcome too, and as she’s our first baby it’s all a learning curve and we don’t know what’s normal and what isn’t! Here are the three things we are facing at the moment…

Refusing the Spoon… LL now no longer accepts being fed by a spoon (unless it’s a Yeo Valley Little Yeo yoghurt!) When faced with the prospect of being made to eat whizzed up meals off a spoon she throws herself back in her high chair and cries and screams until she is red in the face. I’ve now accepted that she prefers to feed herself. She’s had finger foods from six months old but she still hasn’t got many teeth so we’ve been getting by on lumpier purées for a while. Until this week. Mealtimes have become so stressful as she’ll end up in a state and won’t eat anything anyway because she gets so upset. I’ve researched this and the advice given is that at some point your little one just wants to feed themselves as they become more independent. That’s fine and it’s the next step in her development, although it’s left me feeling slightly anxious as I always worry she might gag or even choke on finger foods, and most of her food seems to end up on the floor so I worry she isn’t eating enough (more on this issue next!)

Throwing things (food, toys, anything!) – Again, another stage in her development, so I’m told! But it doesn’t seem that way when she almost conks me in the head with her wooden maraca or ends up launching the lunch I’ve lovingly made her across the kitchen. It’s embarrassing when we are out as it looks like she’s being naughty but she isn’t, she’s just discovered something else that’s new that she can do. Imagine this scene…after a lovely walk we decide to stop off at a cafe. LL is enjoying her cheese scone until she suddenly decides to throw a piece of it across our table onto the next, where a group of elderly ladies are enjoying afternoon tea. Luckily it lands on the floor but I notice a few crumbs have made their way onto one of the ladies’ lovely coiffured hair. We’ve told her “no, don’t throw,” and have taken the object off her if she does but her beady eyes soon find something else! Saying this she has started to pass things to us so we give her praise and try to encourage this as best we can.

Screaming when having her nappy changed – As soon as we go to lye her down on her change mat she starts. She’s had her nappy changed hundreds of times but since she’s turned one she doesn’t want it doing anymore. I’ve put items next to her mat to try and distract her whilst we change her but she doesn’t want to know. She just wants to roll over onto her stomach and not be on her back. Which makes nappy changes a little difficult, especially if she’s done a number two!

What challenges have you faced with your little one? Xxx


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