Homemade crackers

Hello lovely readers,

It’s almost Christmas! I’m so excited to spend it with my loved ones and to see LL enjoying the festivities with us all. This year I wanted to add something crafty and homemade to the Christmas table. As we are having dinner at my in-laws this year I thought I’d take something special along to contribute. This being in the form of homemade crackers!

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without crackers, but it’s fair to say that the contents of many of them are pretty disappointing. I can’t say I will ever use that unusable mini pencil or garishly coloured golf tee. I thought I’d use the money I’d spend on a few boxes of crackers for bits and bobs to make my own. I really hope this post inspires you to try this yourselves too! It was so much fun!


To make your crackers you will need…

* Empty toilet rolls or kitchen rolls * Tissue paper * Scissors * Sellotape * Curling ribbon or fabric ribbon * Sequins or Christmas confetti * Embelishments * Gift tags    * Goodies to fill them with!

First of all you’ll need to fill your crackers with lovely bits and bobs. For mine I used a selection of mini toiletries, fragrance samples and cosmetics. You can add anything you like! Next you need to write your message/joke/quote on the tags. I wrote a little Christmas message I liked.


Then sprinkle some sequins or sparkly confetti into the cracker, wrap in tissue paper and tie the ends with some curling ribbon. Then stick on your embellishments and voila! Beautiful crackers! Ok, so they don’t go bang but you can add your own sound effects if you wish! You can personalise them any way you like and they’re so much fun. I think I might try and continue this tradition and do it every year if I can.

Have you made anything fun and special this Christmas? xxx


2 thoughts on “Homemade crackers

  1. Aww these are lovely. I agree on the pointlessness of some of the gifts you get in shop bought crackers. There’s only so many times you can play with a ‘mood changing’ fish or teeny ten pin bowls before the novelty wears off!

    We’ve just made cards this year…or attempted (6 month old wasn’t playing ball!).


  2. Thank you! Oh my goodness who even thought of the teeny ten pin bowls and that they would be a good idea?! 😂

    I love making cards, they are so personal and special. Even more so when your little one joins in! X


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