My Favourite Books as a Child

I grew up surrounded by books, and I soon developed a love of reading. Stories, poems, picture books, you name it… I was intrigued by everything. I especially loved fantasy fairytales and animations. Beatrix Potter, fairies, unicorns…I would be transported to a world where my imagination was fed and indulged by magical tales. Special memories were created through paperbacks, hard covers and board books. Bedtime stories, cuddles on the sofa or sitting on the living room floor, books scattered around me that I could leaf through at my leisure. Nothing has changed and I love to curl up in bed with a cup of camomile tea and a good book.

Here are my favourites from my childhood…

Beatrix Potter – I’ve included this wonderful lady in my Favourite Children’s Books post so I won’t repeat myself too much! All I can say is that I adored her tales when I was little and I still do, and my love of Beatrix Potter has been passed down to LL.


Teddy Bear Tales (Jane Hissey) – Oh how I loved this! I had the Little Bear soft toy to go with it but somehow I lost him (very sad). We had the VHS too which I loved watching as well. My favourites are the Christmas story and The Picnic.

The Colour Wizard (Barbara Brenner) – I just remember being so intrigued by this story. How one minute the world can be grey and the next it’s full of colour! How did that happen, I thought!

A Necklace of Raindrops (Joan Aiken) – This book held so much magic for me. The stories and illustrations are so beautiful, they will ignite every child’s imagination with fascination and colour.

Fairy Stories For Bedtime – I was facinated with the magical world of fairies when I was little. My Gran would walk me up her garden path and look at her array of roses to see if we could spot one. At the time she made me believe in fairies and that is one of the most precious memories I have of her. This is a beautiful book, it reminds me of my beautiful Gran who I loved so much.

The Butterfly Lion (Michael Morpurgo) – I think I read this in just a few days, I remember not being able to put it down! Such a wonderful story about friendship.


A Forest of Dreams (Rosemary Wells) – This is one of the most precious books I own. My mum gave it to me one Christmas and I was spellbound by the beautiful pictures. This is a magical story about nature and how the world goes round through the seasons.

What were your favourite books as a child? Xxx


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