Oracle Cards

I’ve always been intrigued by oracle cards. I know people who have sets but I’d never looked into them enough to own one myself. I guess I was a little anxious about them at first, I was always really worried about picking a card and it was hold a really negative answer or tell me something bad!

It wasn’t until I started seeing my counsellor that I had a rethink about oracle cards. One session I was really struggling and I was trying to hold myself together. At the end, she took her cards out and asked me if I’d like to pick one. They were a lovely set of equine cards, each one illustrated with beautiful horses. I instantly felt calm when I held them, and as I shuffled them I felt a sense of anticipation and had butterflies in my tummy. The card I chose was ‘Breathe’ and the advice was to take a moment for myself to feel calm and focus on my breathing during troubling times to regain some focus. This amazed me as we had only just been talking about breathing and finding a state of calm. After that session I knew that I’d like to own my own deck and began searching for the perfect set.

I didn’t have to search long. I found a beautiful deck by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall called Nature’s Whispers.


When they arrived I read the little guidebook first so I could get a clearer idea of how to use them. The illustrations are breathtaking and I was taken aback by how special they felt. I use them about once a week, sometimes more if I feel I need to. The feeling I first had about these cards has now changed. I’m no longer anxious about them, as each message is positive and encouraging. They help to give me a bit of calm and guidance when I need it. The intention isn’t to give the user anything bad or negative but to take something positive away from each card and to regain some balance and focus. I’ve found these cards add a little bit of calm and perspective into my life when I’m feeling low or anxious, and I can take a few moments for myself when I use them. You can purchase this deck on Amazon, there are also other decks by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall which are also stunning.


Have you found oracle cards helpful? Which ones do you own? Xxx


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