My Mummy Style

It’s fair to say that since having LL I’ve had to reboot my wardrobe a little. The reason being I now have a mum tum and I’m much curvier than I used to be. I’ve had a sort out and donated all my clingy pre baby clothes to the charity shop. I’ve stuck with the basics such as long vest tops, leggings and long line cardigans, and just added oversized t-shirts, shirts and jumpers into the mix, as these are what suit my figure now. Generally speaking, if I’m wearing something loose fitting trouser wise I’ll wear something more fitting on top, and vice versa. If I’m wearing leggings or skinny jeans I’ll usually wear a loose fitting t-shirt or jumper. My style is a little bit grungy and edgy. I love faux leather, suede, studs and lace but also adore vintage maxi dresses and long skirts which I wear in the summer. Most of my wardrobe is black, grey, khaki and burgundy, but there’s a splash of colour here and there (I promise!) Mustard and red are my go to colours if I want to spice things up a bit. Neon and brights don’t seem to suit me clothes wise so I add pops of colour with jewellery and lipstick. I really hope you like the looks and get some inspiration from my style! (Excuse the picture quality!) Xxx

Dungarees… teamed up with a black vest and a long line cardigan with chelsea boots. L.O.V.E.


Ripped jeans… look fab with heels or flats. I pair them with a black body or vest and throw a cardigan over the top.


Oversized shirt… worn with leggings and a long black vest and my much loved biker boots. This look is so comfortable and easy to wear.


Oversized jumper… feels so snugly and cosy! Leggings, a long vest and boots or converse are all you need to finish off this look.


Jumpsuit… So easy to wear and I always feel put together.


Finishing touches… Jewellery

I’m in love with chokers. I like layering necklaces too. I’m obsessed with quartz and marble. H&M do stunning pieces. Earring wise, my staple look is a hoop, however I have a box full of pretty, spangly, dangly ones, which I wear depending on how I’m feeling at the time! I love rings, too. I have quite a few statement pieces. Topshop do amazing rings.




2 thoughts on “My Mummy Style

  1. I love those dungarees. I can’t get away with all in one clothes though dye to my teeny height! I also love chokers. I’ve got the black one with the brooch, it’s currently my favourite.


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