Toys of the Moment

Playtime with LL is so much fun. I love seeing her face light up when she discovers what her toys do. She’s learning all the time. I wanted to share her current favourites with you. It’s always nice to find recommendations for toys from other mums as there are so many out there to choose from, it can be a bit daunting deciding which ones to go for!

VTech Baby Stack and Discover Rings

Currently the favourite, LL loves stacking these rings then starting all over again. She gives herself a little clap once she’s done, it’s so cute. The monkey sings and lights up too.


LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket 

This little picnic basket is so sweet. LL loves emptying it all out, playing with the cutlery, food and cups and then putting it all back again. She finds putting the green cup in her mouth and making sounds into it really funny! If you press the butterfly button it sings a song and she loves to rock backwards and forwards to the music!



Early Learning Centre Shape Sorting Bus

Another lovely toy, with a variety of colourful, interactive shapes. LL loves to push the bus along, too, as well as filling it up with all sorts of things that are not the shapes! Be prepared to find a half eaten rusk at the bottom!


In the Night Garden My Best Friend Igglepiggle

LL loves Igglepiggle. She has a little one that goes in the bath and this talking one. His eyes open and close, his heart lights up and the narrator from the programme talks and sings. She’s obsessed with touching my eyes and eyelashes so this is perfect as she can do it to Igglepiggle rather than me!


Early Learning Centre Toybox Rosie Rabbit and her Motor Car

LL loves this little pair. She loves pushing it around the kitchen. She’s even started making “brum brum!” noises when she does it. Cute!


Let me know what your little ones like, too! Xxx


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