Organising a Baby Shower

My baby shower was so lovely. It was organised by my mum and some of my girlfriends. We had a vintage tea party with bunting, it was so pretty. It was quite overwhelming when I arrived, all the attention was on me and I felt a bit emotional. All my friends and family were there and I was showered with cards, gifts and well wishes. I was really touched and have special memories from that day.



So if you’re after ideas for hosting a baby shower then keep on reading!

Invitations and Decor – This can be anything you like. If you know the sex of the baby then go for a colour scheme to match (pink, lilac, peach for a girl or blue, green, navy for a boy). If you’d rather stick with neutral shades then white, cream, beige, grey, gold or silver are perfect options. Of course you can mix and match any colours you like as there are no rules! My invitation was so sweet. Because we were having a tea party they were in the shape of little tea bags.

How about these ideas to inspire you decor wise…

  • Hang paper Pom Poms from light fittings or make into garlands
  • Make wool Pom Poms and hang as above
  • Thread crystals and/or beads onto cotton or string and hang where you like
  • Hang bunting for a vintage inspired feel
  • Dot balloons, bows and tea lights here and there to create a celebratory atmosphere
  • Put up personalised banners or posters
  • Scatter confetti on the tables


Food and Drink – As usual the vintage tea cups, saucers and teapots came out at my baby shower! We’ve used them for every occasion, they come in so handy. You can pick sets up from car boot sales, charity shops and craft fairs. You can also find them to hire online.


You can do anything you like regarding food. Finger foods and a selection of salads always go down well. You may like some of the options below…

  • Finger sandwhiches
  • Sausage rolls
  • Breadsticks
  • Carrot and cucumber sticks
  • Hummus
  • Dips
  • Selection of Crisps
  • Volovants
  • Pasta salad
  • Green Salad
  • Rice salad
  • Whole cooked salmon
  • Cooked ham
  • Selection of breads and chutneys
  • Cupcakes
  • Mini pastries
  • Teabread
  • Popcorn


Cake – A party is never quite the same without a cake! Add as much decoration as you’d like, dependent on the mum to be’s taste of course! You could go with a simple iced sponge with a sprinkle of glitter and a pretty cake topper, or maybe add some iced flowers or butterflies here and there. There are also vintage inspired Naked Cakes that are filled with cream and fresh strawberries and dusted with a little icing sugar. You could even go with pretty iced cupcakes. The options are endless!


Games – There are lots of ideas for entertaining guests at baby showers. Some of the ones at mine included…

  • Guess Who Baby Photo Board – Everyone brings a photo of themselves as a baby and everyone has to guess who is who.


  • Smell the Nappy – Nappies filled with different food stuffs, you have to guess what’s in them! (Yuk!)


  • Tree of Advice – Handwritten tags offering words of advice from the guests about parenthood!


  • True or False – Twenty questions you need to answer true or false about the mum and dad to be.
  • How Big is the Bump? – Cut a piece of string as to what you think the correct length is when wrapped all the way around the mum to be’s back and bump.
  • Baby Predictions – Write down what sex you think the baby is (if unknown), weight, eye colour, hair colour etc.
  • Photo Booth – Through a frame or sitting on the stairs, grab some baby inspired props and snap away. Such a laugh!


Have fun planning! Most of all enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Before you know it you’ll be in that lovely (but very exhausting!) new baby bubble.


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