Organising a Prosecco Party (Post Birth)

Some new mums prefer not to have a baby shower, instead choosing to celebrate with a glass of bubbly after the birth of their little one. This was the case with one of my girlfriends. She just didn’t want a baby shower. Instead she held a lovely girls only Prosocco Party at her house. I think this is a fab idea. You could even have both if you wanted, a celebration pre and post birth!

Invitations and Decor – Same goes for a baby shower regarding invitations, just do what you feel is appropriate! You could even just send a text or email for convenience.

Decor wise, something simple with chic touches is all you really need. Again, no rules so go all out if you like! Tea lights, pretty table confetti, fresh flowers and a handmade garland using string or ribbon, some wooden letters spelling out PROSECCO or the baby’s name and rose hanging accents looks really pretty. Simple yet very effective.



Food and Drink – Nibbles are the perfect accompaniment to your glass of bubbly! Of course you can tailor this to your own preference, doing as much as you like. Try these options…

  • Melted Camembert with a selection of rustic breads
  • Cucumber, carrot and feta sticks
  • Selection of “posh” crisps
  • Cocktail sausages with honey and whole grain mustard
  • Chilli Concani filled boats/nachos
  • Strawberry, brownies and marshmallow skewers
  • Chocolate fountain with fresh fruit skewers
  • Brownies cut into small squares



For drinks, well the clue is in the name of the party! Prosecco as the main choice but of course you can add some gin and tonics, wine or cocktails in there too if you fancy. You can find some beautiful vintage punch bowls to fill with iced water to keep bottles chilled on the tables if you haven’t much room in your fridge. Fill some large glasses with pomegranate, strawberry halves and berries to drop into the Prosecco. You can pop berries onto cocktail sticks and freeze them ready to add some chill to drinks. It’s nice to have some glass bottles of soft drinks for guests who prefer non alcoholic choices. Fresh orange, pineapple juice and chilled water always go down well. Again, change it up with what you feel the guests will like.



Entertainment – Some nice background music and chit chat! There will be the baby to coo over of course! Add some party games if you like, it’s your celebration so personalise however you like!

Cake – A cake is always a nice touch but isn’t necessarily required. You can either have a big one made or just go with cupcakes.

Get popping those corks, fill those glasses and celebrate the yummy mummy xxx


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