February Favourites

My February favourites are all comforting items! It’s that time of year where all the bugs are out to get you, and we’ve been struck down in our household by lots of nasty germs! LL has been poorly for about six weeks now. She’s had a horrible cold which led to an ear infection and she’s now trying to fight off a cough. She’s still so snotty, will it ever end? She’s very kindly passed her germs onto me and I’ve had one infection after another. This means lots of disturbed nights and feeling extremely run down. But never mind! I’ve been using some lovely items which I hope you will find helpful if you’re little one and yourself are feeling a bit under the weather…

madebyzen Soto White Aroma Diffuser – I’ve been using this so much lately.  This creates a soothing atmosphere with it’s cool, water vapour mist and essential oil aroma. I love the relaxing mood changing lights and soft stream of water vapour. The soft bubbling of the water is also very calming.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin – This is a bit of a random product but I’ve been loving this as a moisturiser for lips. I originally discovered it whilst trying to breastfeed and it worked wonders on my sore, cracked nipples. As it’s 100% natural I thought I’d try it on my sore lips and it was amazing, so I’ve been using it ever since. I apply every night just before bed and my lips are so soft and smooth in the morning. Its been fantastic on LL’s sore skin, too. It’s also the perfect prep base for lipstick. A little goes a very long way so it lasts for ages.


This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray – Caring for a poorly baby or child can be quite stressful and undoubtedly exhausting. My Sister in Law kindly got this for me to use on LL’s pillow. It smells so lovely and instantly makes you feel relaxed. I noticed that she seems calmer after spraying it and it makes me feel like I can cope better with the situation when she’s upset because she’s unwell. I can’t say it’s helped with her sleep much though (no surprise there!)


Pukka Vanilla Chai Tea – My friends and family know that I’m a bit of a herbal tea addict. My tea cupboard is full of all sorts and I especially love Pukka teas. I discovered this one recently and it’s wonderful. It’s warm, spicy flavour soothes a sore throat and is a delight to drink. A must have in everyone’s tea collection.


Let’s Cook Recipe Book – This was on offer when I was mooching around Tesco. Seeing as I needed some meal idea inspiration I picked up a copy. So far I’m pretty impressed with it. There’s a lovely variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste and they are family friendly too. My favourite recipe so far is the Sweet Potato and Courgette Lasagne. Sooo yummy!

If you’re feeling under the weather I really hope you get better soon. Are there any items and products that help your little one and you when you’re poorly? Roll on warmer weather! I can’t wait! Xxx



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