Toddler Tales (16 months)

LL is almost 17 months old. I honestly cannot tell you how quickly the time has gone. It seemed like only yesterday when I held her in my arms for the first time. We are at the stage now where she’s really going for her independence. She’s very strong willed and can be quite firey, but she also has a cracking sense of humour and she loves cuddles and kisses. She’s adorable and cute one minute then breathing fire the next! I really need a “Mother of Dragons” t-shirt aka Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. We are at an interestesting stage in her development now, lots of things to share!


Walking – Make that a lack of! She’s still not keen on the idea about taking her first steps. Everyone keeps asking me if she’s walking yet. Sometimes I feel a bit nervous saying she isn’t as you always seem to get the opinion thing but I know she’ll do it when she’s ready. Right now she just knows it’s quicker to crawl, she bombs across the landing with her head down, it’s so funny! She loves to stand up on her own then plonk herself back on her bottom. It’s a bit of a game! She stands up then moves along holding onto the sofa or the wall.

Feeding – She’s getting better at holding a spoon and she prefers to feed herself her own yougurts especially. If I try to intervene we get a strop. Main meals were becoming a bit of a battle as she would only have finger foods because she was getting so mardy about me feeding her but after a few minutes she’d just throw it all onto the floor so would hardly eat anything. Now her appetite seems to have sky rocketed and all she seems to do is eat! We’ve gone back to whizzing her main meals up a bit on an evening so she’s eating it all, and as she’s managing much more lumpy textures I feel like she’ll make the transition in her own time. She sure does love her food though!

Tantrums – I’m sure the terrible two’s started somewhere around 9 months with LL. She doesn’t like being told no or things being taken off her. I understand she doesn’t understand things like sharing and why she can’t have something, but even so, when she throws herself onto the floor having a full blown melt down it can be quite overwhelming. She goes bright red in the face and bangs her head on the floor sometimes too (just gently, she doesn’t hurt herself, it’s just out of frustration). The first time she did it I was like “oh my god!!!” I mentioned it to my mummy friends and they’ve said their little ones do that too so I was a bit relieved that it’s normal behaviour. It’s hard to know when to ignore her but I think at this stage I generally don’t, I pick her up and give her a cuddle but depending on what it is I don’t rush over to her straight away.


Talking – She’s making slow progress but mainly it’s just babbling. It’s so sweet listening to her. She loves picking up her books and holding them right up to her face and then she just talks to herself. Her favourite words are Dog (with sound effects!), Daddy and Mumma. She can say lettuce (pronounced let sss!), yes and dolly (do yeee!) I often think about when we are able to have a full on conversation with her and what her little voice will sound like.

Expressions – We dance around the kitchen a lot and when she hears music she bounces up and down and rocks forwards and backwards. She shakes her head and laughs. She loves to screw her nose and eyes up and goes “he heeeeee!” It’s so adorable. She says “ooohhh!” and holds her hand up when I say “all gone!” when she’s eaten all her snack and meals. She makes funny faces because she knows it makes me laugh. She keeps trumping in the bath and then laughing at the minute. I’ve no idea where she gets that from! She does do crocodile tears sometimes, she pouts her lips pretending to cry occasionally. Little madam!

Playtime – She loves playing peek a boo behind the curtain and being chased across the landing! Her favourite game at the moment is hiding behind all the cushions on the sofa. She loves looking at her books and playing with her toys, especially her plastic vegetables and balls.


I’d love to hear about your little one’s development! Please comment below! Xxx


4 thoughts on “Toddler Tales (16 months)

  1. Brill Bec! Every little one is so different to the next. LL will take her first steps when she’s ready but at the moment she’s smart enough to realise that crawling gets her places so much quicker!!!! She’s a beautiful girl just like her mummy.
    Love you both loads 💋


  2. Lovely to read how LL is developing – it starts coming thick and fast around now! My little one seemed to go from saying the odd word to bossing everyone around in full sentences in the space of a few weeks!
    I love seeing them discover the world. Such simple joy is beautiful to behold xx


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