The Eyebrow Bar

E is for Easter, (hope you have a good one my little bunnies!) It’s also for Eyebrows!

Eyebrows frame the face and make your finished make-up look perfectly polished. I can’t leave the house without my brows on, I feel naked without them! My natural brows are lighter than my hair colour and don’t stand out very much, and I prefer them to be darker and a more structured shape, so I’ve been shaping and filling them in for quite a while now. When I was a Beauty Therapist my nickname was “The Eyebrow Queen”, which was such a huge compliment! I think it was because I was so passionate about them (I still am), and I’d take my time to make sure the shape was perfect! I really enjoyed it and one of my favourite make up products has to be for the brows. So I decided to write some product reviews and add some useful Eyebrow Tips to help you along the way. I hope it helps and that you enjoy!

To create beautiful brows I’d recommend you have the following in your make-up kit…

* Tweezers   *Brow brush   *Brow pencil   *Brow powder  

*Clear brow gel/mascara   *Sharpener

The general “rule of thumb” for creating perfect brows are…

*Avoid plucking above the brow – If you start here then you’ll lose the shape and create a higgledy piggledy line. Which leads me onto my next tip…

*Don’t overpluck – You can remove hairs but you can’t put them back. If you get a bit tweezer happy you’ll have to wait weeks for them to grow back, which can be pretty frustrating. Luckily if you overtweeze there are products to fill and correct but the result isn’t always as natural as you’d like. When tweezing, keep stopping  and taking a look in a hand mirror, holding it at arms length. You’ll get a better idea of when to finish up instead of going in like a bull in a China shop, then realising the damage has been done!

*Keep it natural – There’s nothing worse than seeing an eyebrow that looks like it’s been cut out and stuck on. If you prefer a more sharp and structured shape that’s fine but try to blend the colour out and keep the edges soft.

*Keep pencils sharp and brushes clean – Doing so allows the finished result to be as polished as possible. Dirty brushes mean any old product such as foundarion and powder (it does transfer into the bristles from the face when using each time) is reapplied onto a clean canvas and then you can be left with a powdery, grainy result in the hair.

* Find the right shade – Try and go with the shade of your hair colour when choosing an eyebrow product. The finished look with be more natural.

Here are my natural brows…


Now onto the product reviews…

Rimmel Brow This Way Filling Powder (Medium) – This is perfect for when you’re short of time and are faced with the task of needing to shape and fill in your brows. It’s so unbelievably quick to achieve a groomed look with this powder, it wasn’t as messy as I thought it’d be and it stayed put all day. The applicator could be a more angled shape to aid ease of use.



No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil (Brown) – This is the pencil I keep going back to again and again, I love it. The angled shape and texture of the pencil makes shaping and filling in a dream. The brush is the perfect texture to blend the product and it’s easy to keep clean. A clear winner for me.



MUA Eyebrow Pencil (Brunette) – The texture of this pencil is very much like that of a kohl liner. It’s a lot more waxy and you have to be a bit light handed when using. It stays put all day, it just needs a bit of blending out. The brush bristles are very short and hard so again, you need to go in with a little more care.



New Look Eyebrow Pencil (Medium) – This has a smooth, slightly waxy texture. It took more time to build up and fill but the result is really nice. The brush could be a bit more structured for me as I found it a bit flimsy to use but it did the job ok.



You can set your brows with a Brow Taming gel if you wish. I sometimes do but more often than not I just brush a little bit of translucent powder over them. And voila! Beautiful brows. No need to thank me, it was my pleasure 😘

Please comment below with your favourite Eyebrow products. I’d love to hear about them Xxx


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