New Look Make up Review

Morning! My, my, it’s been a hectic few weeks for me, hence the lack of posts on the site. Never mind, I have one for you now, and it’s all about the New Look make up range. I’ve been excited to try some of the products for a while and I recently picked up a few bits. The range is on 3 for 2 which is fab and the prices are great too. I wanted to let you know my thoughts, so here goes!

Velvet Matte Lip Crayon – I picked this up immediately in the shade Bloom, (a pretty soft pink nude). The texture isn’t as velvety as I’d hoped, I’d say it’s more chalky. I’ve found that if you apply too much it doesn’t sit smoothly on the lips so I just use a small amount to create a soft haze of colour. Not sure if I’d repurchase, I’m a little disappointed with the texture, but I adore the colour.


Nail Polish – I chose from the three ranges…Polish, Gel and Matte. First up is from the normal polish range. Petrol is a glittery reptilian shade of green, bronze and gold. I fell in love with it instantly. However I was really disappointed with the application and longevity of this polish. When I applied it to my nails there is a disgusting green undertone that isn’t visible when you look at it in the bottle, and as it goes on patchy I had to use several coats to cover this up. It looked ok after about four coats (yes, seriously). I applied in the evening and by the following lunchtime it had chipped off on several of my toes. I’m sorry to say it’s gone in the bin. The Matte polish however is a lot more appealing. Charcoal is a creamy slate shade with purple undertones, it’s so unusual. I’d describe it as a sophisticated grunge. With a top coat it’s lasting well and as it’s Matte I love how it dries so quickly. Finally we have the Gel polish in Heather, a beautiful vintage purple and is the one I’m wearing in the photo below. It goes on really smoothly and has a lovely shine. All these polishes do chip after a day, except the Matte which lasted around a week on the toes, which is disappointing but to be honest I expected it for the price.


Eyebrow Pencil – I’ve reviewed this product recently in my Eyebrow Bar post. I like how natural this looks and the shade is perfect for me (Medium). The texture is soft and quite waxy so you can build up the shape and colour easily. The brush is a bit flimsy and it doesn’t have enough bristles for my liking but it does the job ok.



Eye Pencil – This has to be my favourite product. The shade I’ve been using is Gunmetal which is stunning and it’s the most beautiful texture. So soft and velvety, this is a true kohl pencil and is definitely a keeper in my make up bag now.


Overall, I think the range has some great products, but also some not so great. The polishes could do with improvement regarding the formulation but for the price they’re ok for applying for an evening out, but for a special occasion I wouldn’t trust these to last the whole day as I experienced chipping a few hours after applying. The Velvet Matte Lip Crayon was a little disappointing texture wise but the shades are all lovely. The winner for me is the eye pencil, I can’t wait to try the other shades. I think the eyebrow pencil is great value and looks really natural, so thumbs up for that. I’d like to try their highlighters as they look lovely, as do the lipsticks. Let me know if you’ve tried the range and what you think! Xxx



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