Toddler Tales (18 months)

We’ve hit the 18 month milestone and what a turbulent one it is! I seem to have a toddler who is 18 months going on 8 years! LL has always been strong willed and feisty (I knew this when she turned 8 months old and her personality started shining through!) Maybe it’s her star sign (she is a Scorpio after all, and they’re known for being stubborn, apparently!) Right now, we don’t like to do anything necessary. By this I mean simple, everyday tasks that we’ve been doing for months. “Routine!” they  say, “you must have a routine!” Well my toddler doesn’t like bloody routine! She’s never been very co-operative with this stuff, but recently it all seems to prove even more inconvenient and irritating for her! She absolutely doesn’t like…

  • Getting dressed.
  • Being undressed.
  • Her nappy changed.
  • Her hair being washed.
  • Her hair brushed.
  • Her hands and face wiped.
  • Her teeth cleaned.
  • Her shoes put on.
  • Being spoon fed.
  • Being praised and being called a “clever girl!”
  • Being told “no” or having something taken away from her.

So pretty much all the basic, necessary things mummy needs to do, then! I’m sure there’s more to add here, but to be honest every day I seem to be trying to distract her from getting cross or throwing a tantrum! Please tell me, is this normal?! Ha ha! We also have a new thing… hitting ourselves on the head with our hands when we are frustrated. I can’t understand why she’s started doing this! It really is quite distressing seeing her so cross. I asked one of my mummy friends about it and she reassured me and said her little girl does the same. It’s their way of expressing their frustration I think.

Walking – Still not there yet. Lots of encouragement from everyone around her but she’s still not quite ready. She stands on her own but still seems to prefer crawling!


“Mummy! Call the mechanic!” 

Talking – Babbling lots and wanting to join in conversations now, even if it is just gobbledegook! She nods her head and says “yes” when holding her toy phone to her ear. She says “hiya” and “there” now, too.

Sleep – Naps in the day have improved immensely and she can go two hours easily now. At night, however, it’s a very different story! Her seperation anxiety became so bad she won’t even settle in her cot or room anymore. We’ve tried everything we can possibly think of and have held our hands up and accepted that co-sleeping is the only way forward right now. We’ve had so much anxiety and stress over this and been heartbroken at the state she was getting herself into. In the end, it just wasn’t worth it. When I first had a baby I was totally adamant that we would never co-sleep. Looking back to before and where we are at now… just never say never! Just do what feels right and natural for your child and your family. All I can say is that since she’s been settled in our bed at 8pm she’s been sleeping through the night and has been so much more relaxed and contented.

She finishes her milk and let’s out a frustrated squeak! I quickly pop her dummy into her mouth, and seconds later she’s nuzzled into my neck and paws my face with her hands (she’s always done this, it’s a comfort thing!) Iggle Piggle has become her favourite soft toy and is nestled in the crook of her arm. I listen to her breathing and the sweet suckles she makes with her dummy. She slowly falls into a sweet slumber. I hold her hand and feel her fingers tighten around mine. I adore these special moments, it’s so peaceful resting in the quiet, just me and her. I watch her sleeping and she looks like a little cherub.


She eats like a pig most of the time but can be a little fussy in the evening at tea time if she’s tired and irritable or something just isn’t to her liking! She loves berries and boiled eggs at the moment. She loves being outside playing in the garden with her sandpit and tea set. Her favourite games are being chased and diving under the cushions on the sofa! She laughs so hard when she’s being tickled and enjoys looking at her books more than ever. When I say “cheeeese!” she pulls the cutest face you’ve ever seen… she throws her head back, screws up her face and nose and grins, then moves her head slowly from side to side so everyone can see. This moment melts my heart and is so precious to me. Absolutely one of my favourite memories I’ll always have of her.


Whenever I look at her, I feel an overwhelming surge of love. And a lot of the time, I just feel overwhelmed. How much I love her, my heart could burst. How this precious little being relies on me and her Daddy for everything. Anxiety because she isn’t walking yet and when she doesn’t eat all her dinner. Sometimes I doubt myself as I’m learning as I go along, and I worry about the smallest things. But she’s happy and healthy and that’s all that matters. I feel so lucky to have such a precious little girl. She brings everyone around her so much joy and she’s adored more than words can describe.


What has your little one been up to at the 18 month mark? Xxx


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