Our Favourite Baby Products

I must apologise for the lack of activity here on the blog recently. It has been manic at my end and when I plan to write a post something has cropped up, setting me back. That’s just life, isn’t it?! I have every intention of posting, and I hope you guys forgive me!

Today I’d like to share my favourite baby care products. There are so many out there for our little ones, it can be a little tricky trying to decide which ones to choose! We’ve tried quite a few brands in our household, some we’ve loved and some not so much. If possible I try to go with a more natural brand, but somtimes I’ve had to grab something off the supermarket shelf in a rush when we’ve ran out of something. We’ve been using the same products for a few months now as we’ve found they work and suit LL.

Lets start with hair products. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo has a lovely, clean scent, and LL’s hair smells wonderful after use. It’s also the only shampoo that doesn’t sting her eyes. It lathers up enough to cleanse the hair and scalp, and leaves it feeling soft (and a little fluffy!)  Child’s Farm Strawberry and Mint Conditioner is such a sweet treat for hair! LL’s smells so scrummy after using this, literally like a strawberry gummy sweet. It doesn’t weigh hair down and rinses out easily. Her hair is quite dry at the ends and I find this helps to smooth it.  Johnson’s Conditioning Spray Detangler has been one of the best things I’ve purchased recently! I’ve had to resort to this with LL’s unruly locks. Even though I condition it, sometimes it’s a bit knotty and I need something a little extra to help keep it smooth and tangle free. This is great and we have the Child’s Farm one on its way to us as well which I’m looking forward to trying.

FullSizeRender 4

Now to body products. Burts Bees Bubble Bath is the favourite in our household! The scent is so gorgeous and leaves LL’s skin smelling amazing. We’ve also used the hair and body wash since she was newborn and it’ll always hold precious memories for me whenever I smell it. Sometimes I’ll just gently squeeze the bottle so a waft of scent comes out and it takes me right back to when she was a baby. Weleda Calendula Baby Oil leaves skin soft and supple. I used this for baby massage and found it easy to work with. I normally apply this after LL’s bath when her skin is warm and then she’s all soft and snuggly for bedtime!  Weleda Weather Protection Cream softens and moisturises dry skin areas, especially in the winter time when little cheeks might be prone to a bit of chapping. It’s handy to keep in your changing bag and I’ve used it myself on my hands with washing them after frequent nappy changes!

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 3

Nappy creams are a necessity and there are so many on the market. Sudocrem has to be the star product for me. Whenever LL’s had a sore bottom I pop this on and by the morning it’s cleared up. It’s fantastic stuff. (It’s also amazing at clearing up acne and is part of my skincare routine, too!) Bepanthen I use when her bottom is looking a little red, but not sore, and just general prevention of nappy rash. It’s a little thick so you need to warm it up a little in between your fingers.  It keeps delicate skin soft and clear.


What are your favourite Baby products? Xxx



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