Time for Tea

As the saying goes, there isn’t anything a cup of tea can’t fix! Ok, so this isn’t entirely true, but you have to agree that the majority of the time a cuppa and a natter with family and friends helps to warm, soothe and heal the soul. It’s a relaxing ritual most of us participate in daily, and I think it’s a must to maintain your sanity!

You could say I’m a collector of tea. Ok, make that a bit of an addict. This isn’t even half of the teas I own, but it gives you an idea of the variety available. I love trying out different flavours and brands and believe there is a favourite out there for everyone! So stick the kettle on, pour yourself a brew, and read my review!

Mwah! Xxx

Twinings, Lemon & Ginger – This is my go to herbal tea. I’ve been drinking it for years and it really helps with my tummy problems when I have a flare up, so I’d recommended it to anyone who suffers with IBS etc. to try it. It’s invigorating flavour helps to refresh, and I always have a cup in the morning without fail to start my day. Sometimes I add a slice of lemon for extra zing!


Heath & Heather, Lavender & Echinacea – I love drinking this when I need to relax and unwind. The subtle hint of lavender and herby echinacea lifts the spirit and soothes mind and body. I usually drink this on an evening before bedtime to help me wind down.


Pukka, Womankind – A beautiful combination of organic cranberry, rose and sweet vanilla. “The flowers in you are ready to blossom, a loving cup of nourishment is all it takes to stir them to life. Balancing bliss indeed for the girl who’s looking to skip through the week. May you blossom”. Pukka always have pretty little write ups on the back of their packaging, and I love their ethos and extensive range of herbal teas.


Twinings, The Earl Grey – Aaarrr, what a classic. The citrusy twist of bergamot in this tea takes me away to warm sunny days and walks through the fields. It’s such a relaxing, soothing blend. I have to have my earl grey hot and sweet, and I inhale the gorgeous aroma before sipping away. It’s also perfect with shortbread or a lavender biscuit!


Dragonfly, Swirling Mist Organic White Tea – Similar to a green tea flavour I think, but lighter. This is beautiful with a slice of lemon and a hint of honey added. You can also enjoy cold. It has a delicate flavour with a slight nutty taste.


Beauty Brews Organic Teas, Poise (Strawberry & Ginger) – I love loose leaf tea. There’s something really satisfying sprinkling the lovely contents into an infuser and allowing it to steep for the perfect cup. This one is particularly yummy. A sweet berry tea with a hint of spice thanks to ginger and cinnamon.


Have you got a favourite tea? Please recommended in the comments section! Xxx



One thought on “Time for Tea

  1. I had so much lemon and ginger tea when I was pregnant to ease the morning sickness – it helped no end! I have an apple and cinnamon tea that smells like apple pie, it’s great for when I have the need for something sweet but don’t want the calories xx


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