22 Month Update

I always find it interesting reading other mum’s accounts about their littler one’s progression and general updates. So here’s mine, and goodness, what a rollercoaster we’ve been on these past few weeks. I should’ve named this post Tonsillitis and Tantrums because that’s all it’s been about recently! LL has been really poorly and we had a stay in hospital a few weeks ago due to her having a raging temperature and generally being very unwell. She was diagnosed with tonsillitis and sent home with antibiotics. It’s always very upsetting and distressing seeing your child poorly, and Hubby and I were so worried about her. I think the terrible twos have started, we get lots of “no!” and “I’m not!” being yelled at us when we ask her to do something. Plus high pitched screams and flinging herself on the floor. Such a delight to endure multiple times on a daily basis, but there you go. She loves seeing the flowers and birds in Gran and Grandad’s garden, playing with stones and her love for Peppa Pig and “Georgie” has grown even more. She adores In the Night Garden and playing with her friends, and is always wanting to look at her books.


Sleep – We seem to have regressed in this domain. Since LL has been poorly she’s been a lot more clingy and we now have a toddler who refuses to go to bed at night anytime before 10pm. This means I have zero time to myself to get jobs done (or paint my nails!) or with Hubby (so much so that we’ve missed the past two episodes of Game of Thrones. I know, it’s madness!) She’s still in our bed, she won’t go in her little cotbed now, and who can blame her, after spending time in a soft, cosy double? Which is fine, but the main issue is that she refuses to go to sleep. It can take me 30-45 minutes sometimes to settle her. Occasionally she’ll wake around 3.30am and refuse to go back to sleep. It was tea and croissants for me at 4.30am on Sunday morning whilst we watched Beatrix Potter in an attempt to lull her back to sleep. Nope, didn’t work. At 6am we both nodded off and woke at 9.30am. And don’t get me started on her naps! She’s full on all day and sometimes misses a nap so by 5pm she’s shattered and has been nodding off. Of course when we wake her for tea she’s hysterical and refuses to eat. I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall regarding the sleep issue and really don’t know how to rectify it. I’m still in the mindset that it isn’t forever, but it’s so hard and gets me down.

Eating – From rejoicing that we have a baby who’s a fantastic eater, I now feel like curling up into a ball in tears as she turns her nose up at almost everything I cook (unless it’s blueberries, egg, tuna sandwiches or spaghetti bolognaise!) “No ta” is her favourite phrase right now as she hands me back her barely touched plate. Or she puts something in her mouth then says “yuk” and spits it back out. She’s better at lunch time than she is at tea so I’m wondering if I should aim to give her main meal at midday and something lighter in the evenings. Any suggestions?

Behaviour  We have a very strong willed little girl in the household. She screams if we pick her up when she shouldn’t be somewhere or take something off her. If she goes to put something in her mouth or does something and we say no she keeps doing it. She throws her dummy at us sometimes in anger! She’s generally a very happy little girl and has a cracking sense of humour. She’s so funny and very loving, giving kisses and has started coming to us for cuddles more, too, which is lovely.


Talking and Walking – She’s picking up so many words now. Her favourites at the moment are monkey, cat, broom broom car and plane, and she says “oh dear” and “thank you Mummy!” a lot, too. She says mouse (moush) and house (oush) which makes her Grandad chuckle and is so sweet. She can count to ten but misses out seven, she can’t say it yet! She’s been referred to the hospital as she still isn’t walking and they’ve picked up that she has an abnormality with one of her knees. She had an X-ray and blood tests and we are going back this week for the results. She’s made some progress, she’s standing up a lot more and actually taking three or four steps regularly every day. She managed twelve yesterday! Hurrah!

She’ll soon be two and I just can’t believe where the time has gone. It’s flown by!



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